Who is afraid of speculation !!

Investor euphoria is back! Now people don’t even look for reasons to invest in a company! It is not needed! Newspaper, News channel and Friendly tips are enough to get a 5% weekly return! Prudence? … “Excuse me? What does that damn thing mean?” Again a set of investors, mostly … Continue reading “Who is afraid of speculation !!”

Biggest concern for all investors and savers — RISK & RISK ASSESSMENT

It is unnatural to find an investor or saver, who is not concerned about the risk of investment in stock market. Courtesy, poor financial literacy and unscrupulous selling by many financial product sales people, general perception about risk of losing money or not getting adequate return from stocks are still … Continue reading “Biggest concern for all investors and savers — RISK & RISK ASSESSMENT”

Watching Macro — Is it a “fools” errand?

The subject of interest to me is how to ascertain all types of risks in the context of our Indian market from different conceivable angles. For this, I do keep track of major macro indicators and it is one of the many factors I look for assessing risk. I would like to argue … Continue reading “Watching Macro — Is it a “fools” errand?”