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Membership Level
Portfolio Advisory (Please see the fee structure below) Select
Equity Advisory For New or Small investors with fund up to Rs. 10 Lakhs Select
Equity Advisory For Individuals with fund above 10 Lakhs / High Networth Individuals (HNI) / NRI / Family Offices Select

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Membership Fees:

Equity Advisory:

For New / Small investors (with fund up to Rs. 10 Lakhs):

Rs. 25,000/- for 12 months & Rs. 40,000/- for 24 months

For Investors (with fund above Rs, 10 lakhs / HNI / NRI / Family Office):

Rs. 30,000/- for 12 months & Rs. 45,000/- for 24 months

Portfolio Advisory:

For Initial Corpus or Portfolio value up to Rs. 5,000,000/- :    2% of initial portfolio value or Rs. 30,000/- which ever is higher p.a.

For initial corpus or portfolio value above Rs. 5, 000, 000/- up to Rs. 10,000,000/-
Rs. 100,000/- + 1.75% of initial portfolio value in excess of Rs. 5,000,000/- p.a. (for example fees for Rs. 10,000,000/- initial portfolio would be = Rs. 187,500/- p.a.)

For initial corpus or portfolio value above Rs. 10,000,000/- to Rs. 50,000,000/-
Rs. 187,500/- plus 1.5% of initial portfolio value in excess of Rs. 10,000,000/- (for example fees for Rs. 50,000,000/- initial portfolio would be Rs. 787,500/- p.a.)

For corpus or portfolio value above Rs. 50,000,000/- to Rs. 100,000,000/-
Rs. 787,500/- + 1.25% of initial portfolio value in excess Rs. 50,000,000/- (for example fees for Rs. 100,000,000/- initial portfolio would be Rs. 1,412,500/- p.a.)

For initial corpus or portfolio value above Rs. 100,000,000 and above:
Rs. 1,412,500 + 1% of initial portfolio value in excess of Rs. 100,000,000/-
Presently we are not taking membership in this category. See below for more information.

We presently have no plan to manage portfolio size above Rs. 100,000,000/- of initial capital as we feel the size of your initial portfolio would grow in size substantially over period of time. We are keeping this restriction on ourselves so that we can do full justice to our initial investors in subsequent years with adequate time and management bandwidth.

If you wish to invest any amount higher than Rs. 100,000,000/- please contact us and we will update you once we feel we can do justice to your requirements. Meanwhile, you can invest up to Rs. 100,000,000/- of your corpus under our advisory. This way you can gain some confidence about our ability too.

Please note the yearly renewal would be based on then prevalent portfolio value or on the amount you would like to retain in your portfolio. Typical example: If a Rs. 100,000,000/- becomes Rs. 150,000,000/- in one year then the next year initial capital would be considered Rs. 150,000,000/- and fees would be calculated accordingly.

A note for large investors / family offices / HNI / NRI: We understand and appreciate that, even after going through our entire site, where we tried to address almost all issues about our past records, philosophy, background and FAQs; you may still be hesitant to finally decide whether the services are suitable and effective for you. If we were in your position we would possibly had similar set of dilemmas. So, feel free to write or talk to us for more information; seek clarification on phone, Skype chat or personal meeting. We would be more than happy to ensure that your questions, concerns and doubts are fully addressed. 

Instructions for payment:

As per new SEBI regulatory guidelines, we have disabled online payment.
You may transfer the amount using Cheque / DD / NEFT / RTGS / IMPS.

Payment can be made at any branches of HDFC Bank by Cheque, Cash, Draft or through Net Banking by adding the following beneficiary.

Account Name: Aveksat Financial Advisory
Account No: 50200016917712
Account Type: Current
Bank: HDFC Bank
S – 355, Panchshila Park
New Delhi – 110017

In case you decide to pay offline, i.e. by depositing cheque / draft / cash / net banking through third party transfer, please send us a mail citing your name, registered phone number and payment reference at “” immediately for enabling us to activate your account and you would receive a confirmation on receipt of payment by mail / SMS and then with proper receipt. Your subscription period would commence from the day we receive payment.

All charges are excluding GST tax as applicable.