A Detailed Note on Present Market Volatility & Action Steps

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Originally published on 29th January 2023 exclusively for our paid members. It is being published as blog for the larger audience. It also can give a glimpse about the way we handhold our members through their investment journey. 

Dear Investors,

You may be rightfully feeling uncomfortable and concerned about the market fall in India in last two trading sessions on 25th and 27th January ’23. Also, many of you may be looking for an u

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Nobody knows now but let's try to find what is essential to know!

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Writing a blog after few years! Today there are serious legitimate concerns & ambiguity in minds of people invested in market to know where we stand, where we may go from here and how long will it take.

First is an admission. Like you, I also don’t know with clarity and I feel none has.  We are at a “never seen before… never experienced before” type historic juncture where not human greed and fear which drive economic or market boom a

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Who is afraid of speculation !!

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Investor euphoria is back! Now people don't even look for reasons to invest in a company! It is not needed! Newspaper, News channel and Friendly tips are enough to get a 5% weekly return! Prudence? ... "Excuse me? What does that damn thing mean?" Again a set of investors, mostly amateurs and newcomers would lose money. They are investing not out of conviction but out of desperation of being left out. Fear of losing opportunity driving all types of investors into market, into Mutual Funds and

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Biggest concern for all investors and savers --- RISK & RISK ASSESSMENT

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It is unnatural to find an investor or saver, who is not concerned about the risk of investment in stock market. Courtesy, poor financial literacy and unscrupulous selling by many financial product sales people, general perception about risk of losing money or not getting adequate return from stocks are still very high in our country and justifiably so. And it is

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Watching Macro --- Is it a "fools" errand?

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The subject of interest to me is how to ascertain all types of risks in the context of our Indian market from different conceivable angles. For this, I do keep track of major macro indicators and it is one of the many factors I look for assessing risk. I would like to argue here in favor of my Macro Watch as I think many factors affect investments returns even when a business (read stock) is performing well.

Can macro risk aff

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