After more than 20 years of investment experience in the Indian market, and 23 years in senior positions in business and industry, Aveek has decided in year 2016 to share his investment ideas and philosophy with members of a wider audience who are keen to increase their wealth by investing in the Indian Listed Equities. Earlier he confined his advisory service to a select set of few large investors, trusted friends and one family office. His own, and their successes over the years, coupled with prodding from many well-wishers motivated him to start this advisory.

His long term dream of helping all types of investors irrespective of size and experience with a transparent, dependable and cost effective advisory service is coming to fruition because of unstinting support from two veteran investors in Indian market. They have graciously agreed to give guidance and advise so that we all can do justice to the faith reposed on us.

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Why Independent Investment Adviser?

We have no direct or indirect incentive to make you buy or sell something; the advisory service fee we earn from you is our only incentive (this may not be the case with your brokers or mutual fund advisors). We are not associated with any broking house or mutual Fund. We strongly believe this independence is necessary for providing unbiased investment opinions.

With us, you are free do decide on your choice of broker, and the entire control of your own money rests with yourself.

About Aveek Mitra

Aveek is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and NISM certified research analyst.

Aveek has been an investor in the Indian market for last 27 years. He also possesses valuable corporate experience of some 23 years, having worked in L&T, Usha Martin, wherein he was DGM and in two mid-sized IT Infrastructure and Data Services companies, wherein he served as Group COO for several years. Exposure to large and, medium-sized companies in their growth phases in leadership roles, has helped him gain the valuable insight and perspectives on almost all areas of strategic, operational and executional challenges organizations face. He has worked in different locations across the world and helped build and develop businesses in and outside India.

He also has great interest in the education sector; he was the first CEO of Dakshana Foundation and then Katha, the two renowned NGO’s in the education sector. He also volunteers with a few NGOs when time permits.

Aveek’s investment experience spans over 27 years. Starting with a meagre sum of money, he has attained a multitude of successes over the course of these many years, though not, of course, without a few pitfalls and misjudgements along the way. He also advises a few large investors and NRIs.

He was, and remains, convinced that equity investment is the only way to generate long term wealth and for this, temperament is as important as knowledge and skill to become a successful investor. Those keen to get an idea about his investment journey and philosophy may follow the two links – Presentation (deals with common investor psychology, as I see it) and Investors  (deals with my own investment experience and learning) Aveek completed his graduation with Honours in Physics from Calcutta University, MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad and two short equity investment-related certificate courses from ISB (Hyderabad) and London Business School. He has also completed all the readings required for Indian CFA course but has never deemed it necessary to appear for the requisite examinations.

Aveek loves to read; he reads voraciously on a plethora of subjects – investment, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, spirituality, evolution, economics, physics, politics and statistics are a few of his favourite areas. He loves all sorts of music but the quintessential Bengali in him finds solace, fortitude and inspiration in vintage Bengali songs of Tagore.

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