Word ‘AVEKSAT’ in Sanskrit means foresight. Our mission would remain to remember this all important word throughout our investment journey with you.

Sole purpose of AVEKSATEQUITY is to assist and advise all types of serious investors (big or small), High Net worth individuals, Non Resident Indians, Wealth Management Firmsand Family Offices in creating and protecting their wealth through direct investments in the Indian Public Equities Market.

We would love to call it a ‘Trust Circle’ as we feel that, as you decide to subscribe to our services, you repose your trust in our ability to help you improve your investment returns, and, in return, we are rendered morally responsible to act as a ‘Trustee’ for your hard-earned money. We take upon ourselves the responsibility to grow and protect your investments with full commitment.


If you think you want to invest in deeply researched and well-analyzed opportunities arising from newly emerging situations, mispricing or extreme behaviors on the part of stock market participants, and expect unbiased recommendations to buy, sell, hold, shift, not invest or just stay in cash, we can surely be your guide, mentor, advisor and above all a trustee for your money.

We are not affiliated with any brokerage house or mutual fund, and don’t deal in any other product or service offering apart from advising on stocks listed in the Indian Public Equities Market.

Our Investment Process

We are a fundamental analysis-based investment advisory. We do look into technical charts very frequently to understand trends but never ever make a recommendation to buy or sell purely on Technical (demand and supply of a stock) factors.

But we do follow a disciplined, process driven approach for risk management. And it is based on various charts like broad index, sectoral index, stock technical chart etc. This helps us to ensure that in a downturn we are protected and in an upturn we don’t sell early. We feel this process immensely help to cut the noise and emotion if market turns euphoric in either direction (upside or downside).

We have a small team of qualified and experienced professional experts in areas of Fundamental, Technical, Sectoral and Quant analysis who assist our portfolio and equity advisory management.

We are sector and market cap agnostic but don’t generally cover stocks in ultra micro cap or super large cap space. We also avoid penny stocks and IPOs.

For us, the process involves identifying and gauging macro factors first along with the major market trends. Then we look at a sector top – down and then do strong research on the target sector and companies in that sector bottom – up. It includes thorough understanding of opportunity size, business model adopted by the company, levers of success in a sector, key success factors for sector leader (if any), key attributes of the company which meet or surpass the minimum requirements to succeed in this specific sector, how the company is positioned against competition and within its chosen business eco-system, past track records of promise vs. delivery, soundness of financials, credibility and investor friendliness of the promoters, capacity of the management team, through analysis of financials, understanding risks inherent in the business and measures adopted to mitigate it and lastly, determination of the right and safe price to pay for the business and amount of capital to be allocated to it.

We look into prospect of growing business without requirement of further external capital and management ability to deploy capital diligently and prudently as we all know that the business success comes from three factors namely, profitable operational performance, ability to deploy capital effectively and ethical corporate governance.

Before final recommendations, we look into the broad market trend as a very euphoric or depressed market trends at times give us great opportunity to exit or enter into a company at very favorable price and at times patience pays to wait for the right opportunity.

We also track many average to good companies purely for opportunistic trading…. Not very short term but with a targeted holding period of 3 to 6 months. We have different approach for average set of companies. We believe that every value has an associated price and if we find price and value mismatch, we do trade in the stock to increase overall return on portfolio.

We hate to slot ourselves as a pure value, growth, momentum or any specific type of investor. We exist to maximize return on our investments in prudent and honest ways.

Unless a majority of the pieces we track fall in place, we avoid making any recommendation at all. We reiterate that we believe we are trustees of your investments and all our actions and decisions are guided by this all-encompassing philosophy.

We believe, following our advice in time with strict allocation discipline, you will benefit from all opportunities we share with you and improve the overall return on your portfolio.

Our sole objective would remain to compound your portfolio year after year in a prudent and “risk optimized” way.  To better appreciate the power of compounding please visit here.

By putting your current investible surplus amount in the input box of above link, you can see how a higher rate of compounding can dramatically change your fortune over 3 – 5 years period.